Side Hill Farmers is a great place to eat in the Syracuse area! All of our deli meats are prepared in-house, and we prepare homemade food from our local meat and fresh ingredients.

Every single day our chefs utilize the fresh produce, dairy, and other local products on our shelves, to create dishes for our prepared-foods case & freezer.

We tantalize taste buds by using the range of different ingredients brought to us by our farmers. This means our food is flavorful, and healthy. Through the seasons you will see our staple items – such as turkey cottage pies, coleslaw, macaroni salad, jerky-of-the-week, smoked chicken drumsticks, lasagna & Kansas-City-style BBQ brisket – and when the local bounty changes, we create new dishes that reflect what the CNY region produces!

Please feel free to contact us to inquire about special orders, possible catering ideas or to see how our prepared-foods menu fulfills our mission of providing local and simply healthy food to the CNY community.