Who We Are

Side Hill Farmers Cooperative was formed in 2009 by a group of Madison County farmers, with the goal of creating a vertically-integrated local-food and meat-processing and -marketing business that sourced all meat and farm product from farms in the CNY region.  In 2013 Side Hill Farmers Meats & Market opened in Manlius, featuring fresh locally-grown and natural meat, in-house produced charcuterie and deli products, made-from-scratch prepared dishes, and a local-foods grocery.  The Cooperative is also currently building its own USDA-inspected processing facility that will produce a branded line of local meats for wholesale distribution.

The core of the retail shop – Side Hill Farmers Meats & Market – is the meat department, which practices whole-animal utilization and craft butchery, producing fresh cuts of locally-grown and naturally-raised beef, pork, lamb, and poultry, as well as in-house cured, smoked, and processed meats.  The prepared-foods department produces daily from-scratch prepared dishes.  And the local-foods grocery provides customers daily access to locally-produced grocery items, including dairy, produce, and other provisions.  SHF staff are unusual in their culinary skillset (many staff members have attended culinary school), their intellect (counter staff need to be able to differentiate the carcass source, farm source, cooking suggestions, and ingredients of well over 200 individual meat cuts and meat products), and their passion for providing locally-produced and natural food to their local community.

Side Hill Farmers Cooperative is also part of the Growing Upstate Food Hub consortium, which has purchased a building in Canastota to establish a food hub for local-food distribution.  Side Hill Farmers is constructing its federally-inspected processing facility within the Food Hub; this facility will be the base for Side Hill Farmer’s branded line of locally-produced wholesale meat.

Our Mission

SHF is a local-meats butcher shop and local-foods market, providing custom-cut meat and house-made deli products, from-scratch prepared food, and locally-sourced grocery items.

Our craft butchers fabricate cuts that utilize the entire carcass, from only locally-sourced, natural and humanely-raised animals. Our chefs prepare creative fresh dishes using local and seasonal ingredients. We establish strong relationships with our local farmers and producers, and strive to have a positive impact on the local farm economy.

Through our practices of whole-animal utilization, local sourcing, and fresh seasonal food preparation, we are at the forefront of a cultural change in how people think about their food. We act as a primary source of information for our customers, about the variety and versatility of local meat and produce, how it’s prepared, and where it comes from.

Our Staff

The staff at Side Hill Farmers is, to a person, dedicated to the principle of sustainable food; each is passionate about their role in bringing high-quality local meat and healthy homemade food to the Syracuse-area community.

Our craft butchers practice whole-animal utilization and welcome customer requests for special cuts; our chefs prepare fresh meals made daily with local ingredients; and our front-of-house staff can tell you about our dozens of meat cuts, offer preparation and cooking instructions, and tell you which local farms the meat and produce come from.

They are a smart and committed bunch, excited to be a conduit between local small farms and the CNY community.

Join Our Team

To apply for a position, please fill out an application. You can download the application here or pick up an application at Side Hill Farmers Meats & Market (M-F 10-7; Sat 9-4). Completed applications may be emailed, mailed, or faxed to the contact information below or may be dropped off at our retail location.

Side Hill Farmers Meats & Market
315 Fayette St, #10
Manlius, NY 13104
Phone: 315.682.MEAT

Fax:  315.682.0240
E-mail: contactus@sidehillfarmers.com; please write “employment inquiry” in the subject line

Side Hill Farmers Current Openings

No positions presently available